Give Back 2U UK

“The transformation that I have witnessed of women with all backgrounds through my pilot project, regained their confidence, found their love of cooking, being appreciated and found flexible hours that fit around their family and children has been really emotional and powerful”

About Give Back 2U UK

GIVE BACK 2U UK is established as a Community Interest Company. whose primary purpose is to advance education and skills of women from the Ethnic Minority background.

The Aim and objective will be to provide training and education for jobs, skills and training, particularly supporting women from disadvantaged social background that have never had the opportunity to education. Mission is to Educate, Train, and Empower and promotes Human Rights for women. Part of this company will also be to support vulnerable Individuals and the Homeless with fresh hot food and food parcels.

We want to create a community where women with any background can be trained to learn new skills, build the confidence and motivation to achieve their goals. The model of the project has been successful as I have now trained 3 women myself.

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Co-Founder Naseem Khan piloted the project herself and successfully trained 3 housewives to learn new skills and are now working as sous chefs in one of Milton Keynes best restaurants Namji. Naseem Khan acknowledges that a lot of work needs to be done and a wider community needs to be reached to make this project successful.


Confidence Building Naseem Khan the Co-founder says “I always try to remind myself that I am not perfect! I do not need to be.. I have my family and friends who remind me of all the positive I have done this really helps. I want to ensure no one feels like this, we will explore together individually all the tools for confidence building and draw a plan to support the best outcome.


By offering training and advice such as First Aid, Food Hygiene, Basic Maths and English skills, CV,s writing and Interview skills, an important part of the work of the woman like me.

Maths & English

There is an alarming gap for numeracy and literacy skills required for jobs applications. Whether you are a beginner who wants to improve your skills we will work with you and draw up a learning plan to meet the individual needs.


Everyone should learn to Sew Growing up my mother stressed the importance of stitching and made sure I got basic skills. Sewing can not only make you independent but create a source of income. I believe there are so many reasons people come to a screeching halt when it comes to sewing.

Things like winding a bobbin or threading a machine are just too much for them to master. Well, the rewards of learning to sew outweigh the unfounded fears that cause people to shy away.

I promise you, if you commit to learning the skill of sewing you will find people who are more than willing to share their knowledge. Some of the benefits below will force you rethink the importance of learning how to Sew. It will give you Sense of Accomplishment; you will save money, good for the environment and you can redecorate you home as per your choice and within your budget.